Christmas Tree Trimmer Santa by Mr. Christmas is in his trusty Cherry Picker and ready to help decorate your tree with the help of the North Pole Power & Light Company. Santa rides in the crane's basket, holding an LED illuminated yellow star with his friendly Elf behind the wheel of this vintage-inspired animated red truck. The crane moves up and down to help Santa place the star atop your Christmas tree as music plays, and LED headlights light the way for Santa's Elf to see. Highly detailed plastic molded Santa and Elf are dressed in real fabric outfits. Measuring 12.5" long, this pickup truck makes the perfect accent at the base of any size tree as the arm extends up to 46" tall. This AC adapter operated Christmas decor item not only looks like a classic but sounds like one too, as it plays 15 of your favorite Christmas carols. With volume control and a built-in timer, it's easy setup and frustration-free use for this jolly holiday decoration.

  • Arm moves up and down to help Santa decorate the tree
  • Sculpted Santa and Elf
  • LED headlights and star
  • Plays 15 Christmas carols
  • 12.5" truck with arm that extends to 46"
  • AC adapter operated
SKU: 23322