90th Anniversary Collection - Animated & Musical World's Fair Parachute Ride

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Experience the nostalgia and thrill of the carnival with the 90th Anniversary World's Fair Parachute Ride by Mr. Christmas. This enchanting piece will transport you back in time to the iconic World's Fair, where dreams took flight and memories were made. This meticulously crafted decoration stands 18.5" tall with 52 glowing LED lights, capturing the spirit of the beloved parachute ride. Whether you're hosting a milestone birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or want to add a touch of whimsy to Christmas festivities, this decoration is the perfect centerpiece for entertainment. Witness as the parachutes gracefully descend, figures twirling in the air, while nostalgic melodies fill the room, igniting your imagination. Volume control allows you to enjoy with or without the included 25 Christmas carols or 25 year-round songs. This adapter-operated masterpiece is sure to bring joy and wonder to your holiday celebrations. The 90th Anniversary World's Fair Parachute Ride is a treasure you will cherish for years to come.

  • 90th anniversary collection
  • Musical and animated World's Fair Parachute Ride
  • While music plays the ride illuminates and the parachutes move up and down
  • Plays 25 Christmas carols and 25 year round songs
  • 52 yellow LED lights
  • 11.4" wide x 11" deep x 18.5" tall
  • Adapter operated