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We've opened the Archives!

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Customer Testimonials

"Christmas is all about love, tradition, family, and spreading joy. And that's exactly what I can count on with all my Mr. Christmas pieces. Mr. Christmas is a family company that still has the real value of Christmas, and I know my Mr. Christmas decorations will be handed down for years. Mr. Christmas embodies what Christmas spirit is."

Laura Pittman

"Placing my ceramic Mr. Christmas trees instantly whisks me back to my youth, evoking memories of my mother's own Mr. Christmas tree. Mr. Christmas acts as a magical time machine, effortlessly bringing back the cherished moments of past holidays and the dear people who made those occasions truly special."

Brandon Hughitt

"I have countless items that I have collected over the years, from salt & pepper shakers, ceramic trees, coffee mugs, ceramic figures, blow mold candles, ornaments, chests, books, the list goes on and on…not once have I ever been disappointed! I know that Mr. Hermanson would be so proud of his granddaughters and what the company has become today."

Mitchell Larsen

"Each meticulously crafted piece emanates the true spirit of the season, casting a spell of joy and happiness that lingers throughout the years. As the holiday season approaches, I find it impossible to envision the festivities without the radiant glow and whimsical charm bestowed upon us by Mr. Christmas."

Bob Aycock

"Mr. Christmas is not only a business but a family! The excitement of the days leading up to Christmas and the aftereffects of happiness that result from the carols of Christmas prove that
December 25th is a very special holiday. Knowing there is a business that loves it as much as my family means a lot."

Michael Clark

“My Mr. Christmas Crystal Carousel is breathtaking amidst all the twinkling lights and festive decorations. The magic begins as its music starts to play, and the carousel gracefully rotates, adorned with shimmering crystals and figures illuminated by softly glowing lights. At that moment, it truly feels as if time stands still, and I am transported to a winter wonderland where joy abounds.”

Landen’s Room

“I have bought and rebought many pieces to give to my children and grandchildren over the years. The happiness and joy they have brought to so many people are immeasurable. I am 87 years old, and you have made so many of our holidays special. For me, my wife of 60 years, and our entire family!”

Charles Brown

3 Generations Family-Run

For 90 years, Mr. Christmas has been an industry leader in creating innovative mechanical and musical decorations. We design each piece in great detail, so they remain a special part of your Holiday Season for years to come. The latest technology is incorporated into timeless designs to create magical items that make memorable and treasured gifts. A multi-generational family-owned business, we delight in creating Holiday traditions in homes all over the world. Since 1933, we have been proud and honored to be part of yours.