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Santa climbs up and down his Christmas ladder, never tiring, as he carries a string of lights. Plays 15 Christmas carols. The ladder attaches to any tree (artificial or cut) with the included arm and collar or lean the ladder against a wall. Approximately 40" tall. At the base of the light string is Santa's bag which plays 15 Christmas carols. Volume control allows you to enjoy with or without music. AC adapter operated. Always stepping, never tiring, Super Climbing Santa will be a cherished part of your Holidays for years to come.

1) Animated Santa climbs up and down a ladder
2) Santa carries a string of LED lights
3) Attaches to tree with included arm and clamp or lean against wall
4) 40" ladder
5) Santa's toy bag plays 15 Christmas carols
6) Santa is dressed in real fabric
7) AC adapter operated ( 9vDC 1200mA included)

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