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5.75" Animated & Musical Ferris Wheel - Mr. Christmas
5.75" Animated & Musical Ferris Wheel - Mr. Christmas
5.75" Animated & Musical Ferris Wheel
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5.75" Animated & Musical Ferris Wheel

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Step right up to a world of holiday wonder with our captivating 5.75" Animated & Musical Ferris Wheel by Mr. Christmas. This whimsical miniature ferris wheel is a kaleidoscope of colors, designed to bring joy and festive magic to your home. As the melodious strains of 8 beloved Christmas songs fill the air, you'll be entranced by the mesmerizing motion of the ferris wheel. Picture-perfect and full of life, it spins with grace, creating a captivating display that captures the essence of the holiday season. Enhancing its allure, the ferris wheel is adorned with a resplendent ensemble of 48 LED lights. With each rotation, these lights cast a radiant glow, turning any space into a symphony of colors and illumination. Whether it graces your mantel, tabletop, or becomes the centerpiece of your holiday décor, this ferris wheel is sure to draw the attention and admiration of all who lay eyes upon it. Measuring at a convenient 3.75" in width, 3" in depth, and 5.75" in height, this animated masterpiece seamlessly fits into various settings, allowing you to create a festive ambiance anywhere you please. Operated by 3 AAA batteries (not included), it offers the flexibility to be placed without the constraints of cords, ensuring it can be proudly displayed wherever your heart desires. Embrace the joy of the season with the 5.75" Animated & Musical Ferris Wheel.

  • Multi-colored miniature ferris wheel
  • Ferris wheel rotates as the music plays
  • Plays 8 Christmas songs
  • Illuminated by 48 LED lights
  • 3.75" wide x 3" deep x 5.75" height
  • Battery Operated (3 x AAA not included)