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Santa's Express from Mr. Christmas is a highly detailed heirloom quality gift that is packed end to end with whimsy and joy. A 16" long train is filled with animation, lights and music. Watch the wheels turn. Santa, reindeer and the elves help move the train along with their animated antics. An LED light string illuminates the train. Real smoke blows out of the smokestack with the included liquid. Plays 20 Christmas carols and train songs. The motion and smoke blowing are synchronized to the music. Volume control allows you to enjoy with or without music.. AC adapter operated.

1) An animated and musical train
2) Train wheels turn, Santa, reindeer and elves move back and forth
3) Smokestack blows real smoke
4) LED lights
5) 20 Christmas carols and train songs play
6) Volume control
7) AC adaptor operated (9vDC 800mA included)
8) 16" wide
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